Transition into YOUR time!

 Who has a plan with their life, but is unsure when it will happen? First off, let me tell you something… If you just answered “no” to that question asking if you had a plan with your life, there’s a problem! EVERYONE has a plan of some sort and a purpose in life! Even if you aren’t aware of what it is yet, you have a plan for your life, you just need to find it! If anyone has ever told you that you don’t, use this article as motivation to help you get closer to your plan and prove the doubters wrong! 

Now, since you know that EVERYONE has a plan in life, including yourself, let’s continue talking about how to make it happen.

 I’m starting to realize that with everything in life, there truly is a TIME and a PLACE for it!  I believe that “timing” is a crucial aspect in life. Rather we like it or not; in order for things to line up and work properly in our lives, it has to be the right time for YOU!  However, while you’re waiting for your time to come, there are a number of things that you must do in order to transition yourself. Here are two key points that I live by:

1. PATIENCE- We must believe that the time will come. Live by the phrase, “Not if, but when!” Don’t worry about the “if”, you can’t take the time to question if it will happen for you, just know that it WILL happen! And the “when” shouldn’t be your concern. It isn’t our responsibility to worry about when our time is. Timing is something we can’t answer; only God knows. Just know your time will come! 

2. Act It-Before you can become something, you must act it! This goes with anything, it doesn’t matter what your plan is. Whatever it is that you’re trying to transition yourself into, you need proper preparation beforehand. That includes acting the part! So while you’re sitting around "waiting" for your time to come, start acting like it has already came! You must become familiar with the person you want to become! Do your research, act the part… If you act like you have a million dollars, it will be a lot easier for you to fathom it and carry yourself once it actually happens.

After you have been patient and acted the part, the next thing you know, everything will have fallen in line and your time will be there! I’ve always lived my life by “you walk by faith and not by sight”, so remember, with most things in life, you are unable to look ahead and see them, you just have to know and have faith. Tomorrow is not promised, so don’t count on it! But one thing that you can count on is, you must live this life by walking and believing rather than trying to look into something that you cannot see!
-Mylan Murphy

(If you have any questions/concerns, leave a comment! I want your interaction. Let me know what you thought)