My Latest Venture

I would like to introduce to you my latest business venture in which I've started! Some of you may or may not know what I actually want to do with my life. To be honest, at times, I don't even know. I have so many visions and projects that I would like to pursue, it's hard to say what I will be doing. I personally see myself being involved in multiple things at the same time; as I am now, just on a much BIGGER scale in the future.

 Recently, I started up a PR/Brand Development firm for athletes. The sporting industry is where my heart and passion is, so I figured why not get a head start at doing something I love; helping others! With TuxPR, I create attention-grabbing websites and campaigns for my clients. Each website/campaign reflects my individual focus on my client's unique needs, desires, personality, and imagination. So far, I have had a very rapid rate of success to just be getting started; already having 2 NFL clients, 1 NBA client, 1 Professional Boxer, and many 2011 NBA and NFL Draft Prospect clients as well!

If you are, or know of, an elite athlete who needs these type of services, just let me know! Like I said, this is my passion and I put my heart into my work and there's nothing like having someone behind you that is in it 110%. I would be glad to work with any potential athletes from any sport.

Here are some of the screenshots from websites in which I've designed/manage... Take a look

and many more... Go check out