Who is Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry, Jr.) was born on September 29, 1969 in Louisiana, New Orleans. He is an African-American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author, and songwriter.

As a child, Perry once attempted to commit suicide in an effort to escape his father's beatings. Perry once said of his father, "his only answer to everything was to beat it out of you." Perry also admitted to accounts of being molested by a friend's mother at age 10; he was also molested by three other men previous to this, and he later found out that his own father was molesting a friend. At the age of 16, he had his first name legally changed from Emmitt to Tyler in an effort to distance himself from his father.

Perry did not complete high school, however, he earned a GED. Following high school, while in his early '20s, Tyler was watching the Oprah Winfrey talk show, when he heard someone describe how the therapeutic effect that the act of writing can have, enabling the author to work out his or her own problems. That very comment inspired him to apply himself to a career in writing.

In 2005, he released his first film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Also, according to Forbes, it is reported that in 2005, he had sold "more than $100 million in tickets, $30 million in videos of his shows and an estimated $20 million in merchandise" and that "the 300 live shows he produces each year are attended by an average of 35,000 people a week."

In 2009, Perry was ranked by Forbes magazine as the sixth highest-paid man in Hollywood. As of July 2009, Perry's films had grossed nearly $400 million worldwide. And believe me, it's 2011, the numbers have only increased since then!