1 on 1 with Chris Singleton

Tell me the last player to come through the NBA that you would compare closest to Scottie Pippen? Exactly, I didn’t think you could think of anyone… Well, according to 2011 NBA Draft Prospect Chris Singleton (@C_Sing31), that’s exactly who he compares his game to. Arguably being the most versatile player in this year’s draft, Chris is confident and determined to make an immediate impact for whatever team picks him!

 This past year, the former Florida State Seminole suffered a fractured foot injury right in the middle of the season, which looked like would bring the remainder to an end. With the talks of having to have surgery, Chris almost could guarantee he wouldn’t be coming back in the season. Out of curiosity, I asked him if he ever had thoughts of entering into the NBA Draft prior to his injury, he humbly said “I really didn’t think about it that much because I really felt that FSU had a chance to go far in the tournament. That was my main concern at the time.” However, as weeks went by, Chris’ foot rapidly began healing. He then found out that he no longer needed to have surgery and could possibly return for the NCAA Tournament at the end of the year. I asked Chris what were the thoughts that went through his head when he fractured his foot and found out he could potentially need to have surgery, he said, “I couldn’t believe it… I never expected to be hurt and it was the LAST thing on my mind. I found out I needed surgery like right after the game and it was either, try to come back or wait it out for like 7 months for a natural recovery and I wanted to try and come back because I was the leader of the team and I had to fight for them.” And sure enough the next thing you know, Chris was back on the court with his team for the NCAA Tournament. Although the Noles fell short this past season to VCU, Chris accomplished what he set himself out for; get back on the court and help his team!

After the season concluded, it was decision time for Chris; Stay or Go? Despite his injury, Chris had made a 100% full recovery and decided to hire an agent and enter into the NBA Draft. I asked Chris how does it feel to overcome everything from this past season and now be in the position that he currently is (potential lottery pick in the draft), and he said “It’s something worth talking about, but this is only a part of what I have in store for my life. I am going to keep working and grinding to make sure I am better than the spot (number) I am selected at. I have come a long way, and with me getting hurt, it has opened my eyes to the fact that you never know when it’s your turn”.

The thing many people don’t know about Chris Singleton is all of the criticism he has taken in. From being told that he wasn’t strong enough, to being told he cannot score, as time goes on, it seems like more and more critics have something to say. But from knowing Chris and how he personally reacts to critics; that has only pushed and helped him become who he is along the way. I asked him what he thought separated himself from everyone else in the draft and he confidently said “I believe my versatility, my willingness to succeed and my unselfishness for the team. I believe I am a winner and I am willing to do whatever it takes for us (future team) to be that once I get drafted”. Following that question I then asked him what some of his goals entering into his rookie season were and he simply stated, “I want to try and win the Rookie of the Year, and I want to make sure our team does better than the year before.” Those might sound like BOLD statements to you, but they sound like confident goals that are in the near future of Chris Singleton!

Chris will be doing a LIVE Q and A tonight at 8:30pm ET!!!! This is your chance to tune in and ask him whatever you'd like! Go to http://Chris31Singleton.com or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/teamsingleton to watch... You don't want to miss this!!!