1 on 1 with Jordan Hamilton

As you may or may not know, I am extremely close with Jordan Hamilton... Lately, things have been EXTREMELY hectic for Jordan with the NBA Draft approaching this Thursday and all the workouts he's been doing for the past couple of months... I was able to catch up with him and conduct a pretty extensive interview regarding everything... Here it is.....
The REAL Jordan Hamilton

Just coming off of setting the NBA Draft Tour record for most 3’s made, I think it’s safe to say that Jordan Hamilton is arguably the best shooter in this year’s NBA Draft. On June 19th, during his Utah Jazz workout, Jordan Hamilton broke the record for most 3’s made, previously held by Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer hit 40 out of 50, Jordan hit 42 out of 50! You tell me another draft prospect that can shoot 84% from the 3!

            Coming off of a spectacular sophomore season at the University of Texas, Jordan has been ready to make a name in the league for awhile. I asked him what was the hardest part about leaving Texas; he said “The food.. I love the food there, and the fans were great! Even though UT is a football school, the basketball team gets a lot of love there. Coach Barnes also taught me a lot on and off the court. He helped make me a better man, as well as a better Christian, which he is himself.” Although Jordan is no longer playing at UT, he will forever be a longhorn at heart. Being surrounded by good people is nothing new for him. He has 4 siblings who have all played a major role in his life. His oldest brother (Zelle, 34) is working and raising a family of his own, his older sister (Miya, 29) is now in nursing school, his 26 year old brother (Gary) is currently playing in Japan, who is also his workout buddy when they are together. And last but not least, Jordan has two younger brothers (Isaac, 16 and Daniel, 15) that he said are, “going to be REALLY good! They both will pretty much be able to go just about anywhere they want.”

            Outside of basketball, there are a few things that many of you may not know about Jordan. He LOVES fashion. He truly enjoys putting together everything in his wardrobe and dressing up and looking nice. Fashion has always been a part of Jordan and it is something that he would love to continue if he is able to do so. I asked him if he could possibly see himself starting up a clothing line in the future and he said “I would love to be introduced to people in the fashion industry; my personal manager Dilla, has a lot of connections in the hip-hop and entertainment industry and would love to possibly start up a clothing line somewhere in the future.”

            The one thing that really stuck out to me as I was talking to Jordan was when I asked him what his goals were for his rookie season. He started off by telling me “most guys get ready for the draft… I’m getting ready for the NBA! It doesn’t stop after June 23rd; some guys live for the moment, I live for the future. I’m not getting ready to go up against my fellow draft prospects… I’m getting ready to go up against LeBron James and everyone else in the league. However, some of my goals for my rookie season would be to go in and win the rookie of the year award, take my team to the post-season if it’s a team that didn’t go there the previous year, and just simply play hard and contribute in any way that I can.” I don’t think you can personally ask for a better mentality from a player. Not only is he aware that being drafted is just a “title”, but he’s also aware that this is a journey, and the journey hasn’t even started yet. However, don’t get me wrong, he is MORE than ready to get the journey started! 

            A lot of people were stunned when they found out that Jordan Hamilton was not invited into the Green Room on draft day. I briefly asked Jordan what his thoughts were about that, he simply said “it just adds fuel to the fire.” And I agree… NBA players are NOT made on Draft night; they’re made on and off the court! Players get so caught up in the selection process, they tend to forget they still have unfinished business to take care of ON the court! Jordan said it best, “I want people to know that I’m more than just basketball… I’m about Christ and this is the perfect start to get out there and show people what type of person I really am.” 

To keep up with Jordan Hamilton in the future, go to his official website www.OfficialJordanHamilton.com and also be sure to follow him on Twitter :: @J_Goin_Ham