Look At This!!!!

Take a look at this!!! I recently received this message via Facebook from a total stranger and her son... Not only did this message touch me with the encouraging words that were said, but it was very cool and ironic; just wait until you see what the kicker behind it all really is:

"Hi Mylan, I just learned about you today, my son Mylan told me about you. We looked up your website and read your bio. You are a very impressive and successful young man. I didn't know about you or the name Mylan when I named my son, he is 9, I hope he grows up to be as influential and successful as you are. You are a son to make any mother proud. :) My son Mylan and I would like you to know that you have 2 more fans that are supporting you morally and following your success. We wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for accepting my friend request. Best Regards"

I am very honored to receive such a message, it truly shows me that some how, some way, I am impacting people's lives even when I'm not aware of it! I just wanted to post it for you all to read because I feel this is a PERFECT example of showing how people can find you no matter where you are in life and people will ALWAYS be watching you!

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me, I greatly appreciate it and ask that you continue to do so, as I am a LOOOOOONG way from where I'd like to be, but you all are right here by my side and can watch and enjoy the journey to success with me!


Mylan J. Murphy