Born in Akron, Ohio on September 8, 1989, Mylan Murphy was brought into this world ready to make an impact on other’s lives. Throughout his childhood, Mylan had a passion for basketball, fashion, business, and helping others around him. He was always trying to make someone feel better, rather if it was making them laugh, giving them advice, or simply sharing words of encouragement. His sense of love and kindness truly is something special about him. In 2003 when Mylan was 13 years old, one of the biggest obstacles he has ever gone through jumped into his life; his family was separating, in result of his parent's divorce. Just getting ready to enter his freshman year in high school, Mylan was distraught and confused. He had no clue how he was going to continue on in life, he felt like all he had was sports and business.

Due to hard times financially, physically, and mentally, Mylan’s determination would not let him down. The summer of his 8th grade year, he started his first business. A clothing line by the name of Novel Clothing. While serving as a student-athlete, Mylan had great success with his clothing line. He would design shirts and sell them to various people; friends, family, etc. In result of his talent on the basketball court and business sense off the court, Mylan received a lot of media attention throughout his high school years. He was featured on the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal for basketball as well as his clothing.

Following his first media debut, Mylan received a lot of attention nationwide for his accomplishments. He was soon in multiple newspapers locally and state-wide, as well as news stations. He had a feature on Channel 5 News and following his first television debut, Mylan received an article in “Career World” magazine for his basketball and business accomplishments. During Mylan’s media success, he was asked by many to start motivational speaking to other peers and younger individuals about his success.

Mylan began speaking and impacting other’s lives mid-way through his high school years. In result of, Mylan began to develop some personal skills which have helped him become the person he is today. Throughout his high school years, he began to find favor through his peers and was named Homecoming King, Class President, and Senior superlative, “Most Likely to become Famous”. In 2007, Mylan received a full basketball scholarship to college.

Shortly after leaving home for college Mylan’s independence started to kick in, and he was able to finally get a feel for himself, and find out who he really was; Not a basketball player, not a high school student, but as an adult in the real world. While living in a community surrounded by homeless people and drug addicts that Mylan would see daily, he was forced to open his eyes to the problems that are within the world. Going to school as a full-time college student as well as being a college basketball player, on top of being an entrepreneur, was an extremely tough and busy schedule for Mylan. After going through multiple problems with teammates, etc, all outside of Mylan’s own reach, he made the biggest decision of his life. Mylan chose to give up the game of basketball at the college he was currently attending.

He realized that the majority of his life had been playing basketball, traveling the country for tournaments weekly, and it just wasn’t for him any longer at that specific time. It just wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted to further live. This was definitely the lowest point in Mylan’s life mentally however it was also the turning point of his life overall. Mylan struggled with telling his family, friends, and coaches about his decision. No one was able to see the vision that he saw behind “basketball”. The only thing everyone else saw was just how good of a basketball player he was, and how “stupid” it was for him to stop playing. Mylan dealt with negativity from others for months and months after his decision was made.

He was told he would never finish school, he was told it was the worst decision he’s ever made, he was told that he was stupid and had no clue what he was doing to himself. Although all the name calling, lack of support and negativity Mylan was put through hurt very much, he never let it get to him. He knew that he had a bigger plan in life than just basketball. Mylan had big visions planned for his future. And he knew that making the decision he made was in his best interest at that particular time. Regardless what everyone else said.

Mylan still continued school along with his business ventures. He felt that he could now pursue more of his visions since he had the burden of basketball lifted off of his shoulders. He began to give his clothes, shoes, and money away to the homeless straight off of the streets that he would see and run into around his apartment. Mylan firmly believe’s in giving back to all people, no matter their race sex, age, or background. Living in the community that he was placed in, it was the perfect situation and place for Mylan to prove so. The act of giving back helped Mylan establish his second business, which was a website by the name of which is a site for entrepreneurs and business owners to expose themselves and services by “Marketising Yourself to Success”, a phrase created by Mylan combining the meanings of advertising and marketing your product or service to success. Shortly after Mylan’s 1st website was established, he came up with another clothing line. And after the 2nd clothing line, he created his 2nd website which was designed for all people, specifically his friend’s, to make money through a t-shirt program he started, selling his clothing line shirt’s;

While still finishing up his dental technician certification program that he was still in during his basketball days, Mylan was focused and determined to reach every goal he implied and prove all the doubters wrong that said he wouldn’t be anything and he wouldn’t finish school. In the summer of 2008, Mylan completed his Dental Technology Certification Program, the same program that people said he wouldn’t finish. And although Mylan had finished and created multiple businesses and websites at that point, he just wasn’t quite done.

Mylan felt that there was something missing. He wanted to do something that would actually impact people’s lives on a daily basis. He wanted to be known worldwide for helping and impacting others in a positive way. He wanted to create something that people couldn’t duplicate or take away from him. After many long days of intense brainstorming, he decided to create an organization; Strive4 Organization ( Through Strive4, Mylan does multiple things: Motivational speaks, sends out daily motivational text messages, holds events, etc.

On December 7th, 2008, Mylan suffered a severe leg injury while playing basketball in a pick-up game at a church. He fractured his tibia in eight spots, and stretched his ACL and PCL. Fortunately, Mylan did not undergo surgery however he underwent a major setback in his life like never before. After months and months of being unable to walk, he describes his injury as one of the best things that could have happened in his life. Mylan was able to sit back and realize how valuable life truly is. He was so limited and restricted to everything he was use to doing; it showed him a new way of life. It taught him discipline and perseverance.

While recovering from his injury, Mylan received a phone call from a college in regards to playing basketball. For weeks, Mylan was skeptical about even considering the option, due to his past experiences, and at the time, the most recent injury he had. However, there was something inside of Mylan telling him to seek the opportunity. Mylan flew out to the school for an official visit, and fell in love with the opportunity and environment around him. Mylan describes his injury as “blessing in disguise” and “unreal”. He has accomplished multiple things that he has never imagined he could, especially with a broken leg, and wants the world to know that “you, too, can do the same thing; No matter the circumstance”.

In April of 2009, Mylan signed a Letter of Intent to attend Northern Michigan University on a full basketball scholarship. Mylan saw the opportunity to attend NMU, not only as a route to play basketball again and receive a free education, but most importantly as a mission to impact people’s lives and help others along the way as best as he can, while sharing his story.

While being at Northern Michigan University, Mylan was making sure he was enjoying every minute of his college life. In result of networking and meeting some diverse and influential people, he created another business while he was at NMU. In January of 2010, Mylan started Dorm Rumor Magazine ( which is a niche magazine that targeted Collegiate Student-Athletes. Mylan's approach with Dorm Rumor was to bridge the gap between Student-Athletes and regular college students around college campuses. Mylan felt that the majority of Student-Athletes were often placed in a category that didn't fit their character; so DormRumor highlighted their accomplishments within the sport that they played, but most importantly, focused on their goals and visions in life behind their sport. Mylan had great success with Dorm Rumor featuring many high-profile student-athletes from around the country as well as partnering with Global Grind, a Russel Simmons owned site, serving as an contributing writer on behalf of Dorm Rumor.

In April of 2010, Mylan decided to create His reasoning for making his own website was simple; he felt that people generally knew him for his businesses and/or basketball ability, but failed to know him as a person; Mylan Murphy himself. Through, he provides blog entries, videos, motivational insight and many other things that consists of his everyday life and involvements. serves as a central hub to connect his life in one location.

After only playing two seasons of basketball for the NMU Wildcats, adversity struck again in Mylan's life. There were a number of things that had occurred within the program and he decided it would be best if he walked away from the game of basketball. Instead, Mylan chose to finish college a year early and focus on his businesses. One month after his decision, he was contacted by the United States Olympic Committee advising him that he had been 1 out of 30 students in the country selected for the F.L.A.M.E. (Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere) Program held in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the United States Olympics Committee headquarters over the summer.

Mylan attended the program and said it was a life-changing event for him. From the number of people/friends he met, connections he established, information he acquired, and just the overall experience, he claims this particular experience is how he KNOWS he made the right decision to walk away from basketball. "If it weren't for my decision to step away, I would not have had the opportunity to pursue this program which ended up being a life-changing experience for me. That is a testimony to the saying, "Everything happens for a reason". Everything in life has it's own timing and this clearly proves that statement to be true."

Without basketball, Mylan entered into his Senior year of college with no plan BUT graduating and "getting out of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan" as he would say. The third week he was back on campus, he was approached by the Communications and Marketing department to come in for an interview about his experience at the USOC FLAME Program for the university website. Not even 30 minutes into the "interview", it turned into Mylan being offered an internship position with the department. Without ever applying or wanting the job, it simply came to him and he was rewarded for what his boss "had heard about him and what he did". Mylan accepted the position and interned in the office for the entire school year of his senior year.

 A few months prior to graduation, Mylan was approached by his boss at his internship offering him a graduate assistant position to come back to NMU to work for the university and pursue his Master's degree. Initially, Mylan will admit he pondered the option for about 3 minutes until he immediately turned it down. His heart at the time was just no longer in Marquette, Michigan; he was ready to move away and start a new chapter. Mylan "thought" he had a master plan, he would be leaving NMU and moving to the big city to work for a sports team or large company. He thought that being offered one grad position so early would only lead to a number of other options to choose from. Not so fast....

On May 5, 2012, Mylan graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor's degree in Entertainment and Sports Promotion. He is a first-generation college graduate within his family and claims this accomplishment as one of the biggest things he's ever done in his life.

After literally applying to over 150 jobs, 200 other graduate assistant positions with basketball programs, and numerous internships, the only answer Mylan heard back from EVERY single one of them was...... NO! Mylan started wondering if he made the wrong decision; he setup a meeting with his boss to sit down and talk about the position he was offered earlier; aka, "wondering if the offer was still on the table". She was delighted of his interest and told him that the position was still his if he wanted it.

Mylan accepted the position and is currently in his 2nd year of graduate school pursuing his Master's degree at NMU in Psychology with a Training, Development and Performance Improvement concentration. He will tell you over and over again that he never saw himself in the position that he's in now but, everything happens for a reason and he is extremely thankful and grateful to be furthering his education.

In the summer of 2013, Mylan had the opportunity to return to Colorado Springs and work as an intern for the United States Olympic Committee in the digital media division. That internship led to him receiving a temporary content assistant position throughout the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, where he is heavily involved in the Road to Sochi mobile app and website. Mylan recently started a Training and Development company for professional athletes ( where he works with them on a personal and professional level in a number of ways. All while finishing up grad school, Mylan is continuously staying busy and looking for his next move.

He is living out his dreams right before his own eyes already in his life thus far at such a young age,  and accomplishing things he NEVER envisioned. He plans to continue being the best leader, role model, businessman, and person he can possibly be. Still impacting people daily through his websites, social media outlets, daily text messages and words; his presence is truly  appreciated and welcomed within any environment because he is one who touches lives daily!

Some of the key points that Mylan wants you to take from his life story are:
  • ANYONE is capable of ANYTHING.. Never let someone talk you out of your dream
  • Don't be afraid to walk the unknown path, it will lead to unknown opportunities
  • You can't be duplicated.. There is only 1 you
  • People may doubt what you say, but they will ALWAYS believe what you do!
  • Never limit yourself
  • You lose sight of yourself when you're focused on everyone else
  • I'm not self-made, I'm God-made!
  • Struggle is temporary, don't let it cause permanent damage to your life 
  • It's not what you know, it's not who you know; it's who KNOWS YOU!
  • "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3