“Mylan, to say that you’re on the right track, is an understatement!” -David Lee Morgan Jr. (Author of LeBron James: Rise of a Star // Jim Tressel: More Than A Coach)

“Mylan is a friend, true professional and creative minded person, but more importantly his faith in Christ Jesus is what makes him the man he is today!” -Jordan Hamilton (NBA-Denver Nuggets)

“Mylan…. Don’t change; you’ve grown into a tremendous man... You’re well on your way!” -Dr. Charles H. Davis (Ophthalmologist – Lasik/Cataract Surgeon)

“From the first time I met you in Akron, you conducted yourself like a professional young man. That first impression eventually led to us building a relationship and then me allowing you to build and manage my website. You have also been a tremendous help volunteering at my charity events where I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from family, friends and the community about yourself. You have the determination to be successful and willing to work hard at your craft! I look forward to doing some more work together.” -Domenik Hixon (NFL- Carolina Panthers)

“Mylan is a very reliable and dependable man that looks for nothing but perfection when a task is at hand.” -Chris Singleton (NBA-Washington Wizards)

“You have been a great ambassador for the USOEC [United States Olympic Education Center] and NMU (Northern Michigan University)… I wish you all the best Mylan!” -Jeff Kleinschmidt (Former Director of the USOEC at NMU)

“Mylan is a very diligent individual. He not only manages my website, but many other professional athletes’ as well; All while finding the time and balance between his collegiate and entrepreneurial obligations. He is a very personable young man who has the respect of many, both older and younger.” -Tyrell Sutton (NFL- Seattle Seahawks)

"A very humble, supportive, and well-rounded man... Most importantly, a great leader and friend." - Chris Pearson (Professional Boxer - TMT)

"You're one of the most innovative and creative people I know... Your gift is motivating and inspires people to be the best version of themselves that they can be." -John Orozco (Olympic Gymnast)